Maximizing Sound Quality- Home Theatre Guide by INSAT

Step #1 Proper Placement- Maximizing Audio Performance

Proper Placement Determine Position and Spacing

• Place your speakers to form an equilateral triangle with the listening position

• Determine the distance between the speakers o If too narrow, sounds will blend and become muddy. o If too far apart, there will be a gap between the two halves of the stereo image.

Unique Tips

  1. Proper Placement of Angled In-Ceiling Speaker
  2. Speaker Back Boxes Better Bass and Less Noise In Other Rooms
  3. In -Wall Subwoofers Invisible Bass
  4. Eliminating First Reflections by installing tools like fabric wrapped absorber panel (fiberglass), curve diffusor, quadratic residue diffusor.

Optimize your system sound quality 

  • Speaker setup- Distance, sensitivity and bass extension
  • Room calibration- Deliver maximum sound quality by taking the room out of the equation. For best results measure 6 to 8 listening positions
  • Dynamic Volume- Auto compensation for dramatic volume changes
  • Dynamic EQ- Automatically delivers reference quality dialog, bass and surround at all listening levels.

Premium Marantz AVRs offer additional Audyssey technologies


• Calibrating two subs independently

• Smoother, more evenly distributed bass

LFC (Low Frequency Containment)

• Less bass through walls, ceiling and floors

• More perceived bass in the room